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Digital Experts Academy Review

Digital Experts Academy Review

Digital Experts Academy Review website has one purpose only – it’s designed to help you make an informed decision whether the Digital Experts Academy is the right training platform for you.

Digital Experts Academy Overview

But before I proceed, let me first ask you why you’re here on this Digital Experts Academy Review site? What problem are you looking to solve? What answers are you seeking?

digital experts academyMaybe, you’re stuck as a wage slave, working your fingers to the bone, making money for someone else. Or you’re daily commute eats up too much of your precious time which you’d prefer to spend with family and friends.

Perhaps you’re a graduate or a talented employee who can’t find another job, simply because there are not enough jobs being created in the world to fulfil the demand, and through no fault of your own, you’re forced to become entrepreneurial.

Possibly, you’re nearing the end of your working life, only to discover your pension pot isn’t as big or as padded as you previously thought, and you’re looking for plausible methods to be able to afford the luxuries and treats you’ve worked hard all your life to deserve.

Whatever your situation, you’ve probably here on this Digital Experts Academy Review site because you recently woke up to the fact that the internet provides you with the perfect opportunity to top up your income, or better still, to create a sustainable income online, and free up time to do what you want to do in life.

The internet has no barrier to entry, it’s ‘open’ 24/7, and it’s relatively low cost to set up an online business, compared to a physical business. But the best bit is – you can work anywhere in the world you chose (home would be a great start) as long as you have an internet connection.

But you don’t know how to get started, who to go to for help, who to trust for advice, and what step to take next?

Well, you’re in the right place at the right time! You’re obviously researching your options too, which is a smart move. So, how can the Digital Experts Academy Review help you?

digital experts academy

Digital Experts Academy Revew

Let’s go ahead and break down what the Digital Experts Academy is, and what it means to you.

By working with hundreds of people starting out building an online business, I’ve learned the biggest shift people have to make when leveraging the internet, is the shift from being an employee to being a digital expert.

Some people try to go it alone and learn everything themselves – only to crash and burn because they very quickly become overwhelmed with information, not knowing what’s right or wrong, what works and what doesn’t.

The smart ones select a winning online training company to become educated and supported in the process of becoming a digital expert.

That’s where the Digital Experts Academy Review fits in because the Digital Experts Academy…

  • Is built on hundreds of years of collective expertise and wisdom, so it is designed to build a rock solid foundation for all successful entrepreneurs in this digital age, this digital revolution
  • Is designed to give a clear, purpose driven strategy vital for any high achiever
  • Is a private membership site designed to help members earn as you and learn, and gain the support and education needed to succeed in this age of entrepreneurship
  • Is a collegiate level education program containing a life-changing wealth of training, systems, processes, tips and support to enable a person who’s never had any presence online, and who’s prepared to learn and earn, to advance them into a world-class digital expert.
  • Is a five level learning platform, where each curriculum is designed to be standalone but can preferably be undertaken simultaneously, to turn out a stand out digital expert.

Let’s go ahead and review the five membership levels in this Digital Experts Academy Review analysis – which are as follows:

[1]        The Digital Experts Academy Review of The Six Figure Members – go from employee to affiliate marketer

[2]        The Digital Experts Academy Review of Silver – where you go from affiliate marketer to digital entrepreneur by way of the 12 Month Digital Mindset Training Program

[3]        The Digital Experts Academy Review of Gold – where you go from digital entrepreneur to digital marketer by way of the 12-Month Digital Marketing Training Program

[4]        The Digital Experts Academy Review of Platinum – where you go from digital marketer to digital expert via this 3 day Digital Expert Platinum Brand Building Workshop

[5]        The Digital Experts Academy Review of Black – where you go from digital expert to digital expert partner by way of this Mastermind group and annual exclusive retreat

Now let’s take each individual program, one at a time, and discover what it can do for you.

six figure mentors

Review of The Six Figure Mentors

Digital Experts Academy Review of the Six Figure Mentors reveals it’s a cutting edge training platform designed to educate you how to become an affiliate marketer – meaning you can sell other people’s digital products on the internet for a commission.

So, when you sell someone else’s product for $97, you could be paid $48.50 in commission if the commission percentage was 50%. And – you haven’t had to create the product or the website it’s sold from, you haven’t had to provide customer service and support, or a fancy payment system, and you haven’t had to deliver the product. All that is done by the product creator. What’s more, the product creator provides you all the marketing tools you need to sell their product for a commission.

The Six Figure Mentors training platform teaches you how to become an affiliate marketer, and provides you with a complete tool box of all the training and materials you’ll need including:

  • your own personal website
  • training on how to get traffic to your offers
  • the opportunity to promote Six Figure Mentors itself, while you’re learning
  • training on the metrics of earning an income online
  • training on remaining focused to get done what needs to be done as an affiliate
  • eye-catching lead capture pages which are regularly updated
  • an educational 7 day video training to offer as an incentive to prospective customers
  • follow up emails to send to prospective customers to keep them engaged with your offers
  • value based offers to make to prospective customers including WordPress plugins
  • a supportive community so you’re not left on your own, hiding behind your laptop, learning by yourself
  • weekly online question and answer sessions
  • weekly master marketing online training
  • attentive online technical support
  • WordPress website training and support

laptop lifestyleThere’s a vibrant supportive community which is a bit like a 24*7 hotline as members live around the globe so there’s always someone online to chat to and to ask questions of.

There’s something to be said for learning directly from people who walk the talk, and make an honest living by promoting and selling the Six Figure Mentors affiliate marketer training platform.

This Digital Experts Academy Review recommends learning more about The Six Figure Mentors to take the first step in your development into becoming an online business owner, earning a living online by selling other people’s products for a commission.

digital experts academy silverThe Digital Experts Academy Silver Membership Level

Go from being an affiliate marketer to digital entrepreneur by way of this 12 Month Digital Mindset Training Program. The big result here is developing your business acumen and reinforcing your thinking and beliefs, priming you for working for yourself, being your own boss, and earning a sustainable living online.

Digital Experts Academy Review sees that the DEA has teamed up with renowned world-wide leaders in professional development and online training, offering you the kind of training large corporations and some of the world’s most successful companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for, WeSkill.

WeSkill use a unique technology called “space repetition learning”, which breaks the content down into step by step, bite sized chunks, helping you to learn and absorb information quickly and efficiently. It’s easy to get rapid results because you’re able to apply the expert content immediately.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s contained in each of the four modules:

Module 1 – Sales and Business Development

Online business isn’t a hobby. It’s a real business, so this module covers:

  • Building your personal brand
  • Prospecting for customers and why it’s such a powerful tool for your business
  • Strategy development and how it is essential for goal setting
  • Discovery – all about you positioning yourself as an expert
  • How to develop your sales story
  • Communication and how to master it with your prospects

Module 2 – Customer Service and Retention

When you make sales you need to keep those customers happy. This module digs into:

  • Setting customer expectations so you can serve your customers the best you can
  • How to turn your service into great service
  • How to communicate with your customers the right way
  • More importantly how to listen effectively to your customers
  • How to make your customers experience with you a memorable experience

business developmentModule 3 – Management and Leadership Effectiveness

You’re a leader in your organisation, so here’s where you learn how to bring the best out in you and your team (who’ll likely be outsourcing contractors living around the globe), studying…….

  • Having commitment and getting it from others
  • Setting clear expectations for your teams success
  • Effective asking, listening and learning, leading to better engagement between you
  • Correcting behaviours through constructive feedback
  • Maximising your success through facilitating delegation

Module 4 – The Simple Truths – Professional Development

Here at the Digital Experts Academy Review, we know the biggest struggle for people moving from being employed to the world of a digital entrepreneur is developing their success mindset.

  • self-discipline to focus on money making tasks
  • believing you can do it and overcome the speed bumps that will crop up
  • avoiding distractions and shiny objects that fly by every day
  • honesty in business and personal life is central to your success
  • gaining a work-life balance to achieve harmony in all aspects of your life

This Digital Experts Academy review suggests this Silver training should be strategic to any online entrepreneur.

digital experts academy goldThe Digital Experts Academy Gold Membership Level

Go from being a digital entrepreneur to a full time digital marketer by way of the 12-Month Digital Marketing Training Program Level.

Digital Experts Academy Review understands that at the end of this course you’ll be able to market any product to anybody in any niche online. It doesn’t matter if it’s weight loss, personal development, health and well-being or any one of the hundreds and thousands of other profitable niches online.

Your 12-Month Digital Experts Academy Gold Membership includes three key resources to ensure your success:

[1]        Twice Weekly Digital Marketing Mastermind Calls

This mastermind consists of 2 live calls (via online webinar) each week, covering conversion, traffic generation, affiliate strategies, how to build your list, and monetization strategies. It also includes up to date SEO strategies to enable you to rank your websites on page one of Google, therefore attracting more leads and visitors.

All calls are also recorded, so there’s a literal goldmine of cutting edge strategies for you to work through as you build your digital business.

[2]        3 Day Intensive Digital Marketing Workshop

hot buttonThese ‘hands on’ workshops are held multiple times a year in different locations around the world. Attendee numbers are restricted to keep it interactive, intimate, and impactful.

This digital marketing workshop is totally different from any other marketing course. It’s not your usual rehashed internet marketing strategies taught in so many courses these days. It goes deep into understanding your target customers their “Hot Buttons”.

This is priceless information and can be applied to all marketing strategies, whether it be email marketing, blogging, paid advertising; in fact, any dealings you have with your customers and leads. You’ll speak their language and focus on their needs, to serve them better and make more sales as a result.

This marketing gold can be applied to any industry, any niche and any product!

[3]        1-2-1 Mentoring with highly trained, expert business coaches

You’re entitled to four 1-2-1 mentoring calls a month with a Digital Marketing Expert. The business coaches are also Digital Expert Academy members, so they are right at the coal face so to speak. These calls cover a wide range of time zones so there’s always one to suit you and your timetable. What’s great about these calls is can discuss anything marketing related you. So if you’re having problems with lead generation get on a 1-2-1 mentoring call for personal tuition. If you aren’t making enough sales jump on skype with a business mentor and they’ll help you solve your problems.

Digital Experts Academy Review agrees there’s no excuse not to succeed!

digital experts academy platinumThe Digital Experts Academy Platinum Membership Level

Shift gear from being a digital marketer to a digital expert via this 3 day Digital Expert Platinum Brand Building Workshop.

You’ll come away from the three day intensive event with a custom built, professionally designed online brand identity, providing you with a seamless web-facing presence, created for you by the Digital Experts Academy. This workshop involves some strategic planning on your part but the technical design and development work is done for you – so you don’t need any technical expertise.

Correct branding creates the impression you have certain qualities or characteristics making you special or unique. Your brand is therefore one of the most valuable elements in an advertising theme – which leads to more business. Once positioned in the marketplace as a digital expert, your authority, credibility, and influence increases dramatically.

Here’s just a sample of what’s covered in the 3 day workshop:

  • Clear and straight-forward advice that will instantly establish you as the “Expert” in your niche!
  • Why now is the single best time in history to start your online brand!
  • The truth behind being an “Expert” – what you really need to focus on and what you must avoid like the plague!
  • The secret reason why most people fail when trying to brand their business. (And how to make sure you’re NOT one of “failures”)
  • How to master online branding in the shortest time possible
  • Why being the “Authority” In your niche means you call all the shots – even if you’re just starting out!
  • Learn how to identify your unique gifts and abilities


More specifically, this entails the following:

  • Intensive workshop held in a boutique, creative environment with other like-minded entrepreneurial people who can support each other in the artistic process involved in establishing a distinguished brand.
  • Custom built, professional website with matching social media profiles – done for you so you don’t need any technical skill or flair
  • Done for you authority and personality profile pages for your blog – because that’s the first place people go to look to check you out – once they’ve Google you that is
  • Professional portrait reflecting and supporting your personal brand – because people love dealing with people so it’s important to see the expert behind the brand.
  • Unique positioning statement (strap line) that reflects certain qualities and characteristics making you stand out from the crowd
  • Ongoing personal brand building training and support – so when you leave the workshop you’re not left on you own.

So, with the experienced help of the Digital Experts Academy Review you can make an informed decision to seamlessly create your own expert online brand and identity.

digital experts academy blackThe Digital Experts Academy Black Membership Level

The final step in transitioning from being a digital expert to being a digital expert partner is by way of this Mastermind and exclusive annual retreat.

Unfortunately, DEA Black membership level is only open to digital experts positioned at Platinum level already, and it’s exclusively limited to only 100 members globally.

Digital Experts Academy Black Membership is only for action takers, and can-do people from all walks of life and from any corner of the globe. It’s for people who take their business and their success seriously. And who are willing to reach out and support each other, or provide connections where necessary.

You see, the journey to becoming a digital expert partner is rife with speed bumps (that’s guaranteed!). You’ll need to receive constructive but objective input and support along the way, and the Black Membership puts you within 1-2 degrees of separation from the who’s who in the digital marketing world. All you have to do is reach out and ask for help, or provide support if you’re the one who’s approached.

It’s like a close knit support community which is pivotal when scaling your business up to a whole new level.

No one person is brilliant enough or handy enough to be capable of doing all tasks and activities, or doing everything required to escalate their trading, turnover, and expansion. Not even Bill Gates or Richard Branson fills that profile. Digital Experts Academy Review proposes leveraging the knowledge and experience of your DEA Black colleagues to help resolve such issues.

Associating with and leveraging off like-minded, can-do type people, is something you can’t place a value upon. Therefore the value is boundless.

digital experts academy

To get the most out of DEA Black, the founders organise and host an annual retreat at an exclusive 5-star, exotic resort. So do you want to join the elite of digital experts, the cream of the cream, and meet up in a special location, where the sole purpose is to leave the world behind and learn more about the digital expert lifestyle and the digital expert down time – to retreat, mix and mingle, and have fun in the sun?

You’d be mad not to!

digital experts academy summary

Summary – In A Nutshell

Just to recap in this Digital Experts Academy Review, I’d like to summarize the pros and cons of joining the Digital Experts Academy.

Digital Experts Academy Review positives:

  • it includes ALL the TRAINING you’ll ever need to transition from the work force through to being a digital marketer and a digital expert, working for yourself and earning a sustainable income online
  • there’s ALL the SUPPORT and business coaching you’ll need to keep you on track towards living a life of choice and freedom
  • there’s ALL the TOOLS and MARKETING MATERIALS required to promote and market the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy, including lead capture pages, banners ads, email marketing, link tracking, list building and conversion strategies and much more.
  • nothing is missed out or overlooked or omitted. These guys know what works and that’s what they share with you.
  • you get to share your journey with positive like minded people via the vibrant community of people committed to changing their lives for the better too.
  • the earning capacity from top tier, high ticket, commissions is unmistakably the best factor

Digital Experts Academy Review negatives:

  • it’s not for dabblers as there is a ton of work involved, which requires focus and determination. It’s not a push button system that promises overnight riches – it’s a collegiate educaiton platform teaching you how to leverage the largest market in the world, tha’s open 24*7 – the internet.
  • it takes a lot of time to cover the training and implement the training; but if you apply the 80:20 rule and spend  20% of your time learning, then 80% of your time implementing what you learned, you will have very quick success in your business
  • for quick results, an advertising budget is necessary, in addition to the training platform. Advertising costs are paid to third parties and not to the DEA however.
  • you can’t ‘hide’ behind your computer and be a recluse. You must be prepared to interact with people in the community, with prospective customers, and with actual customers.

Digital Experts Academy Review Suggestion On How To Position Yourself As A Member In The DEA Product Line?

DEA Memberships are available by invitation only at this time. Applications can be made through the following two methods;

1.      An Application Through Membership of The Six Figure Mentors

Stuart Ross, Six Figure Mentors founder, has partnered up with Jay Kubassek, to launch the Digital Experts Academy in January 2013.

digital experts academy - join now

If you have successfully completed a Six Figure Mentors application, or you have taken full membership of the SFM, you may be eligible to apply for the membership levels within the Digital Experts Academy.

The first step is to click the ‘Black’ join now button below and complete your SFM application. You will then need to upgrade your membership through to the DEA product line and apply to be positioned at the appropriate level for you with the Digital Experts Academy. Just $19.95 to get started and take a look by clicking ‘Join Now’.

digital experts academy - join now button

Note: When you join the SFM by clicking on the ‘Join Now’ button, Mark Ford will be in touch to offer you advice and guidance as a team member. You can view the resources I will make available to you over on my Six Figure Mentors page.

2. An Application Through Mark Ford – Black DEA Member

As a member of the Digital Experts Academy, you can use the expert training that you will receive to drive forward your own business and, if you choose to do so, create a very lucrative income stream working as an affiliate of the SFM and Digital Experts Academy company.

The income opportunity is for you to earn some very significant commissions, (depending on your positioning), between $10 and $8,000 a sale by promoting the DEA product line.

Taking action on what you learn, and using the elevated knowledge you will have acquired about promoting high ticket products, will help you tremendously in bringing in the customers for your business and helping many people along the way.

As a black founder member, Mark Ford is in a position to introduce you into the Digital Experts Academy. If you are a serious minded entrepreneur and you would like to find out more please contact Mark Ford by clicking here, or complete the contact form below.

I wish you every success from the Digital Experts Academy Review.

Signature Mark Ford

Mark Ford – Digital Experts Academy Black Founder Member – Digital Experts Academy Review – Top of Page

Mar 23

Digital Experts Academy Benefits

Digital Experts Academy Benefits: What Does It Mean To You To Join The Digital Experts Academy?

The four levels of the Digital Experts Academy are designed to take you from beginner marketer or opportunity seeker, right through to becoming a Digital Expert. I show in this post what the benefits are to you when you join the Digital Experts Academy.

digital experts academy review

You are here, no doubt, looking at the Digital Experts Academy as a solution to help you achieve everything you have set out for yourself in your vision book. Examples maybe;

  • Get out of debt
  • More time with the family
  • New house
  • New car
  • Start your own business where you are the boss
  • More holidays
  • Help those in need and to be charitable

The list is endless and it comes down to what you want from life. Whatever this is for you a membership of the Digital Experts Academy will benefit you in a big way, because if you apply yourself and implement everything you learn you will be able to enjoy the change of lifestyle you have dreamed for yourself.

As you would expect, The Digital Experts Academy has many benefits and features. The benefits are that it provides you with a business solution for you to achieve your goals and for the features of the Digital Experts Academy, please click here.

Each membership level has a number of Digital Experts Academy benefits. These are summarized below.

Digital Experts Academy Benefits: Silver

digital experts academy review - silverSuccess always starts on the inside. It’s unrealistic to expect a different result applying the same logic. Silver gives you the foundational success-mindset and skill-sets required for your digital life. Training is delivered via a proprietary, e-learning portal featuring the latest space-repetition learning technology which helps you quickly absorb and apply the expert knowledge you will acquire..

Your Silver membership is all about making the shift from employee to digital entrepreneur. Based on hundreds of years of collective wisdom and expertise, this is the rock-solid foundation that every successful business is built on in the digital economy.

For an in-depth review of the Silver Membership please click here.

Digital Experts Academy Benefits: Gold


The ultimate objective of your GOLD Membership is for you to learn how to earn a full-time income as a digital marketer. In order to help you accomplish this goal DEA uses its reach and influence to bring in the top Digital Marketing experts in the world. You get access to their training and mentorship as part of your ultra-exclusive GOLD Membership. This is training that is simply not available to most individuals.

This intensive digital marketing training program is designed to teach you how to become a full time, professional, digital marketer. GOLD also includes a three day digital marketing boot-camp.

For an in-depth review of the Gold Membership please click here.

Digital Experts Academy Benefits: Platinum

digital experts academy review - platinum

PLATINUM establishes you as an authority by giving you your own, unique, expert brand. Featuring an intensive online brand building workshop, we help members identify their unique gifts and talents and create an expert online brand image for them. Unlike SILVER and GOLD which are primarily educational in nature, this is primarily a done-for-you solution.

Once positioned in the marketplace as a Digital Expert, your authority, credibility, and influence increases dramatically. This in turn increases your earning potential.

For an in-depth review of the Platinum Membership please click here.

Digital Experts Academy Benefits: Black

digital experts academy review - black

Black features an ultra-exclusive mastermind retreat in an exotic location. This is the ultimate inner-circle access to the who’s who in digital marketing and the digital economy.

Members also have the opportunity to potentially partner and joint venture with the DEA effectively leveraging the power of the DEA’s vast distribution and affiliate publishing network.

For an in-depth review of the Black Membership please click here.

If you would like to get in touch and discuss with Mark Ford any of the DEA membership levels, please complete the contact form below.

I wish you every success with The Digital Experts Academy products and business.

Signature Mark Ford

Mark Ford – Digital Experts Academy Benefits – Top of Page

Mar 21

Stuart Ross

[youtube id=V_yAF_cOP68]

Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross is your average every day guy who’s believed in himself and has managed to achieve a pretty extraordinary life! He loves cars and exotic holidays and lives life on his terms, but . . .

His life didn’t start out like that, but it’s not a rag to riches story either.

Stuart Ross: Fed Up Estate Agent

Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross started out in Real Estate back in 2001, as a keen 18 year old, eager to learn, and eager to earn, so he never took no for an answer. As a result of developing his selling prowess and customer focus, he became indispensable at his job, but . . . it meant he worked six solid days a week, never got any time off for holiday, and never got any let up from the stress. He’d pretty much dropped everything from sport to socialising. He was earning decent money, but after nearly 8 years of working 8am – 7pm, six days a week – he’d had enough. He was fed up with the rat race having no work life balance.

He tried out a franchise opportunity but failed miserably.

So he went back to selling real estate.

But . . . he continued his search for a much more passive and automated business model.

After several weeks of intense internet browsing he came across all sorts of information and reports on how to make BIG money online without falling back into the trap of trading all his time for money.

As a 26 year old burnt out corporate slave . . . Stuart Ross knew NOTHING about online business or digital marketing, but he needed to make the break from the confinements of employment.

He wanted a way of life that would allow him, not only to earn good money, but most importantly, to give him more freedom to do all the things he wanted to do in life.

After plodding through tons of information, Stuart Ross decided the best course of action was to find a mentor who used the most up to date and automated systems available to guide him through the turbulent world of online marketing and passive income opportunities.

With the help of his mentor, Stuart Ross was able to learn at an unbelievable rate. What would have taken years to learn, took only months, as he picked up on his mentors’ trial and errors; not his! He was able to implement what worked and NOT waste any more time and MONEY on what doesn’t work.

Stuart Ross – The Burnt Out Estate Agent To Multi Millionaire

After investing a lot of time and effort, Stuart Ross built a multi-million dollar business as an affiliate marketer and created a lifestyle living life on his terms with no boss, no commute, no long hours and no more living from pay check to pay check!

As an affiliate marketer he focused mainly on selling information products in various markets, including dating, weight loss, muscle gain, social media, quit smoking, gaming, organic foods, weddings, and internet marketing training products.

In direct sales Stuart Ross focused on travel, personal development, coaching, training, events, mentorship and nutrition. He has made £1000 to £15,000 a day! His record day was over $250,000.

Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross

But that’s not the end of the story!

Stuart Ross: New Challenge

By 2010, Stuart Ross realised there was more to life than making money hand over fist. He needed a challenge. He needed a new mission.

So he reached out to help others, to mentor others, so they too could learn by taking the short cuts he had.

We wanted to help others establish financial independence and freedom – so they didn’t just dream about it, but they actually achieved it.

He established The Six Figure Mentors membership platform at the end of 2010.

Six Figure Mentors delivers expert marketing education and empowerment to entrepreneurs around the globe. It’s a mentoring platform catering for individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business professionals seeking to increase their effectiveness and results by delivering live, in person, and virtual mentorships in every aspect of entrepreneurism including:

  • Internet/Digital Marketing
  • Personal Branding
  • Success Mindset
  • General Entrepreneurial Skill Sets
  • Fortune 500 Best Practices in Sales and Business Leadership

Six Figure Mentors has helped thousands of people, just like him and just like you, to earn as they learn and escape the rat race for ever.

Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross And Mark Ford

In April 2012, Stuart bumped into Jay Kubassek. By then Six Figure Mentors had proven what Stuart set out to do, but he had an even bigger vision and he needed the help of another millionaire digital marketer, and Jay Kubassek was that person.

You see, the make money online niche is very hypey and, unfortunately, is prone to prey on people’s greed and desperation. Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek started a movement to overhaul the perception and reality of the make money online niche. To clean it up! To install realistic values! No easy feat!

So in 2012, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek joined forces and Digital Expert’s Academy was conceived, established and launched.

Stuart Ross

Get All The Information You Need To Enroll For The Digital Experts Academy?

I wish you every success with the Digital Experts Academy product and business.

Signature Mark Ford

Mark Ford – Digital Experts Academy Black Founder Member – Stuart Ross – Top of Page

Mar 20

Jay Kubassek


[vimeo id=17026028]

Jay Kubassek had humble beginnings. He grew up on a communal farm in rural Canada where he learnt to share and to pull together and help others.

jay kubassek 1

Jay Kubassek

Jay Kubassek

But he was investigative and inquisitive.

It started with soil efficiency for the crops and research to how to improve output of the community. This lead Jay to look to the outside world – lured by a world he hadn’t experienced first-hand.

Muffler Salesman

He took a job selling mufflers at Midas, and was happy with that step in life until . . . he was offered a stake in the local franchise. Which was the exact point he realised he’d created value for the company via boosting customer service and sales. And if he could do it once for someone else, he could do it again for himself to better his life!

Realisation for Jay Kubassek

Following this self-realisation, Jay Kubassek started searching . . . and found the internet. A whole new world. He relished the challenge of learning something new and selling as an affiliate – spurred on by affiliate competitions. He was going to win – and would’ve won his first affiliate competition if only he’d had the self-belief to properly invest in the company’s products. He didn’t make that mistake again!

Jay Kubassek

Jay Kubassek and Carbon Copy Pro

That lead to Jay Kubassek creating CarbonCopyPro back in 2007. He built a community of serious minded entrepreneurs who truly wanted to help each other create sustainable wealth.

CarbonCopyPro provided high end products that covered all facets of personal wealth education and management and included websites, training and autoresponders.



Jay Kubassek

It partnered with Wealth Masters International and cornered 160 countries round the world. Not bad for a lad from the Canadian outback. However, structural changes within Wealth Masters International brought about a re-branding of CarbonCopyPro – so Jay started his next venture: PRO U, was born.

Jay Kubassek – Pro U

Stuart Ross & Jay Jubassek

Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek

PRO U was an entrepreneurial success and mentoring platform for individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business professionals who were seeking to increase their effectiveness and results.

PRO U delivered live, in person, and virtual mentorships in every aspect of entrepreneurism.

Jay Kubassek was is the process of rebuilding after a branding hiccup, when he bumped into Stuart Ross in April 2012. Together they joined forces and gave life to the Digital Experts Academy.

Jay Kubassek’s other talents include that of speaker and trainer, real estate developer, Baja off-road racer, member of the New York Blue Elephant Polo team, self-taught cellist, amateur photographer, amateur chef and indie film producer.

Jay Kubassek’s Values are notable:


  • I AM HONEST: I am at my best when I am authentic with my communication and intentions.
  • I CREATE A PLAN: I am at my best when I have a plan, I look at the process, and I am willing to stick to it.
  • I AM COMMITTED: I am at my best when I am committed and have persistence. I make the decision to control what I can control and work with what I’ve got.
  • I BUILD A TEAM: I am at my best when I surround myself with a team and we act as a team. I am at my best when I surround myself with those I love.
  • I SHOW COMPASSION: I am at my best when I show compassion and treat others with the same respect that I expect to be treated with.
  • I EARN MY WAY: I am willing to do whatever it takes to earn my success. I can truly say, “I deserve this.”
  • I AM COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE: I am at my best when I do my absolute best in everything I do, making those around me better and taking responsibility for everything I touch.

Get All The Information You Need To Enroll For Digital Experts Academy?

I wish you every success with the Digital Experts Academy product and business.

Signature Mark Ford

Mark Ford – Digital Experts Academy Black Founder Member – Jay Kubassek – Top of Page

Feb 28

Introduction To Mark Ford And The Digital Experts Academy Review Website

Digital Experts Academy Review – An Analysis By Mark Ford

digital experts academy reviewDigital Experts Academy Review – so here it is, my review of the prestigious Digital Experts Academy, which I hope you’ll find useful to aid your due diligence to decide that this product can help you and is exactly what it is you’re looking for to provide you with the time freedom and sustainable wealth that you deserve.

You’re here because you’re doing your research to work out how you can leverage the internet and carve out a new life for you and your family. That’s commendable because, if you’re serious about taking the next big step to improve your life, you need to be familiar with the best choices available.

I’ll share my thoughts and views on this Digital Experts Academy Review site and suggest what it could do for you and your business, whether you’re just starting out, whether you have an offline business which you want to take online, or whether you’ve been cultivating your online business for a year or more and it just hasn’t taken off yet.

There’s one thing I can promise you – this analysis, as with all reviews I do, was written after having experienced the product and the training first hand, having enrolled in November 2012.

I don’t believe you can properly analyse an opportunity until you’ve experienced it first hand. Wouldn’t you agree?

So this site contains the kind of honest analysis I think will help you the most when you opt to enrol for this online training. And following this training to complete my Digital Experts Academy review was not in the least bit onerous, I assure you. I love the step by step nature of the training!

digital experts academy review

A New Way Of Life In This Digital Age

Digital Experts Academy deliver the essence of what it is to be a digital expert and lead a digital life. The Digital Experts Academy Review conjured up notions of quality training, providing the expert knowledge needed to work wherever and whenever you choose. And that’s exactly what this training does.

Digital Experts Academy sets you up with the business foundations you need to create a new lifestyle by earning a living online, working on your own terms.

Everyone has their own idea of an ideal lifestyle. Some want to escape the monotony of the working week, the long and unsociable hours of shift work or a lengthy commute wasting half a day each week. Others want to spend more time with their family and children, have more holidays, or spend time pursuing an expensive or time consuming hobby.

Your motivation for wanting to be an entrepreneur in the digital age is unique to you, but the freedom of being your own boss and earning money on your terms is a dream life for many.

I’ve drawn the opinion, following this Digital Experts Academy Review, that this dream can become a reality. It can help you live life on your terms – but you have to put in some effort.

digital experts academy review

Quality Training

I know if I was committing to changing my life for the better, I would thoroughly investigate my training options. This Digital Experts Academy Review realises that the Digital Experts Academy fits the bill because they partner with world class trainers.

There’s little point learning from people who make money training but don’t actually walk the talk and make money selling digital information online. My Digital Experts Academy Review reveals that the system is designed and delivered by people who have amassed experience and expertise ‘doing’ what they teach others to do.

That’s the difference that makes a difference.

digital experts academy review

Quality Tools And Materials

I believe you should live life on your terms.

And you don’t need to be technical to do that. Particularly not when all the requisite marketing tools are provided to you pre-built, but customisable to you.

If you’re able to copy and paste, and keep an open mind about what you’re going to achieve, then you’ve already got the necessary skills to change your life for the better – with the help of the Digital Experts Academy and this Digital Experts Academy Review

I won’t go into too much detail here, but suffice to say, every website, landing page, squeeze page, banner ad, follow up email, tracking link, free video training, free wordpress plugins – anything the mind can conceive is required to market an opportunity on the internet, is included and provided by the Digital Experts Academy.

Everything you’ll need is included. You will want for nothing.

digital experts academy review

Quality Support, Coaching, and Community

The collective expertise and wisdom contained in this program, has been gathered over hundreds of years, so it is designed to build concrete foundations for your successful business in this digital economy.

But the bottom line is, this Digital Experts Academy Review can reveal it’s built by real people for real people. And there’s a LOT of help, whether in the form of live Q&A calls, technical support, wordpress support, business coaching, marketing coaching, master marketing webinars, high-altitude mentoring, or community support from fellow digital entrepreneurs.

So you don’t want to be too proud to ask for help.

Or you don’t want to hide behind your laptop thinking it’s not a people business.

The community provides the perfect opportunity to reach out and help each other – otherwise it will be a lonely old journey to becoming a digital expert in this digital economy.

digital experts academy review

Digital Experts Academy Review

I’m sharing this Digital Experts Academy Review with you, as it’s the kind of information and research results which I would have wanted to see when I started out online and when I decided to change my life for the better.

Digital Experts Academy Review concludes the DEA is crucial training for all entrepreneurs because it’s designed to give a straight forward, purpose driven strategy vital for any successful digital entrepreneur.

So click around this Digital Experts Academy Review site – read everything – analyse all the information – and make an informed decision to enrol today. > How To Join? – Click Here

I wish you every success with the Digital Experts Academy product and business.

Signature Mark Ford

Mark Ford – Digital Experts Academy Black Founder Member – Digital Experts Academy Review – Top of Page

Thanks for visiting Digital Experts Academy Review


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