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Mark Ford

Mark Ford – The Digital Experts Academy

The Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy are key to all of the home based businesses I am involved with. These two businesses, both involved in digital marketing and online business education, sit in the centre of everything I do.

When you build an online business you must treat it as a business, just like any other. It’s a marathon and not a sprint, so don’t think you’re going to sprint over the finish line to success immediately.

Over at my building an online home based business blog, I talk about taking a marathon approach and not a ‘get rich fast’ approach, and you’ll learn the key elements for successfully building an online business from home.

Stuart Ross started the SFM several years ago and he has now teamed up with Jay Kubassek to launch the Digital Experts Academy. You have everything at your fingers to be a success in your online business when you join as an associate and member.



Digital Experts Academy Video – What Will You Do With Your Digital Life?



What Is The Digital Experts Academy?

To answer the question what is the Digital Experts Academy?  here is an overview of the Digital Experts Academy. To assist your research I’ve also set out for you more details on the various Digital Experts Academy products. Click the links below to find out more…

1. DEA Black Box 2. DEA Silver 3. DEA Gold 4. DEA Platinum 5. DEA Black 6. DEA Features

Digital Experts Academy

Digital Experts Academy – What Will You Do With Your Digital Life?

The Digital Experts Academy specializes in Digital Marketing and is an entrepreneurship incubator.

Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs come to DEA from all over the world, for cutting edge training, solutions, and strategies.

DEA’s ultimate goal is to show its members how they can become financially self sufficient as digital entrepreneurs in the new economy. It was founded by a  group of young Internet entrepreneurs who have been cashing in on the Digital Gold Rush over the last five years.

Digital Experts Academy Design

The Digital Experts Academy business owners designed their system so someone starting from scratch would be able to successfully transition to being a full time digital marketer, and beyond. From their research, they created four different levels of Digital Experts Academy membership designed to take you from opportunity seeker to a full time digital expert.

Each level takes the member to the next step of self reliance by teaching a new set of marketing, leadership and entrepreneurial skill sets.

What the DEA want as an outcome is that members acquire the skills through training and other resources so they become financially self sufficient as digital entrepreneurs.

What is the Digital Experts Academy Vision?

Most people are stuck in a system that exploits them. Your job will never help you achieve your highest potential, yet most people still live the life they think they have to live.They’re unfulfilled, overworked and stressed. Does this sound familiar to you?

The education they obtain is what they think they need so they can conform to what society dictates they should do. But the unfortunate thing is most people lack the necessary life skills to become self-made and self reliant.

Digital Experts Academy

So the Digital Experts Academy have a vision. That vision is to make millions of people wake up and realize the massive potential that already lies within them. Better than that they want to show them how they can harness and exploit that potential in the new digital economy.

Once they achieve that, there’s a transition that takes place. A transition from reliance on their current job or occupation, to a life where they’re self reliant, have total control and a life of freedom. By creating that freedom means they’re able to do more good in the world, because the wealth and abundance they’ve created is not just for them, but also flows onto their communities and those around them.

What is the Digital Experts Academy Mission?


The Digital Experts Academy are on a mission is to empower their members with the systems, tools, training and resources needed to exploit their inner talents and abilities so that they can create a Digital Life.

How Does The Digital Experts Academy Work?

As the Digital Experts Academy is a private membership based community, prospective members must be referred by an existing member or authorized affiliate/reseller.

Membership is granted upon successful completion of an application and interview.

The 4 levels of membership are designed to take you as a member from digital novice to digital expert. The levels are all designed to move a Digital Experts Academy member through each phase of self reliance by teaching new sets of entrepreneurial, marketing and leadership skill sets.

DEA SILVER Membership – $2499 USD

12 Month Digital Mindset Training Program

Digital Experts Academy Silver

Digital Experts Academy Silver

Success always starts on the inside. It’s unrealistic to expect a different result applying the same logic.

SILVER gives you the foundational success mindset and business skill sets required for your digital life.

Training is delivered via a proprietary, e-learning portal featuring the latest space repetition learning technology helping you quickly absorb and apply the expert information.


DEA GOLD Membership – $4999 USD

12 month Digital Marketing Mastermind

Digital Experts Academy Gold

Digital Experts Academy Gold

GOLD members participate in an intensive digital marketing training program designed to teach you how to become a full time, professional, digital marketer.

Your membership includes:

1. Weekly Digital Marketing Mastermind teaching you every aspect of digital marketing (affiliate marketing, list building, traffic, conversions, monetization, etc)
2. 3-day intensive Digital Marketing Workshop

DEA PLATINUM Membership – $9,999

3-day Digital Expert Brand Building Workshop

Digital Experts Academy Platinum

Digital Experts Academy Platinum

PLATINUM establishes you as an authority by giving you your own, unique, expert brand.

Featuring an intensive online brand building workshop, the Digital Experts Academy helps you identify your unique gifts and talents and create an expert online brand image for them.

Unlike SILVER and GOLD, which are primarily educational in nature, this is primarily a done for you solution.


DEA BLACK Membership – $19,999

Annual Digital Experts Mastermind & Retreat

Digital Experts Academy Black

Digital Experts Academy Black

Black DEA Mambership features an ultra exclusive mastermind retreat in an exotic location.

This is the ultimate inner circle access to the who’s who in digital marketing and the digital economy.

The opportunity to joint venture with the Digital Experts Academy is also a potential possibility upon certain qualifications being satisfied.



How To Join Digital Experts Academy

To join the Digital Experts Academy, please click here for full instructions. I wish you every success with the Digital Experts Academy product and business.

Signature Mark Ford

Mark Ford – Digital Experts Academy Black Founder Member – Top of Page

Digital Experts Academy Black

Digital Experts Academy Black Membership Level: Digital Experts Academy Black Mastermind & Retreat The Digital Experts Academy Black membership level is only open to digital experts positioned at Platinum level already. Plus the DEA BLACK membership is exclusively limited to only 100 members globally. That’s not to say that entrance is restricted to certain types of …

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Digital Experts Academy Black Box

Digital Experts Academy Black Box The Digital Experts Academy Black Box was designed by Jay Kubassek and is available through your membership with the Six Figure Mentors and the Digital Experts Academy. Jay Kubassek is a phenomenal idealist, and is on a mission to ‘overhaul’ the business opportunity on the internet. He’s a professional trainer and speaker, …

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Digital Experts Academy Compensation Plan

Mark Ford Discusses The DEA Affiliates Compensation Plan To ensure your profitability, the Digital Experts Academy have made the Digital Experts Academy compensation plan very attractive, particularly as it’s one of the very few top tier high ticket plans available online today. Digital Experts Academy Compensation Plan The Digital Experts Academy compensation plan pays 50% commissions on …

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Digital Experts Academy Consultation

Maybe you’re here because you are looking for THE solution to help you achieve financial security and live life on your terms, and not anyone else’s? Only you will know what you want to achieve, because your goals will be personal to you. However, may I suggest you consider THE solution offered by the Digital …

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Digital Experts Academy Features

Digital Experts Academy Features – What Do You Get As A Digital Experts Academy Member? Maybe you’ve arrived on this page after having had a look around the rest of this website, or this could be the first page you’ve come across. Either way, here are the Digital Experts Academy Features, described in order of …

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Digital Experts Academy Gold

Digital Experts Academy Gold Level is where you learn the most valuable skill you can have in the transitioning digital economy. This year long course and coaching is designed to teach you how to become a full time digital marketer. Digital Experts Academy Gold: What does all that mean to you? You will be able …

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Digital Experts Academy Platinum

Digital Experts Academy Platinum review of the DEA platinum membership level. A place where you make your mark in the world as a digital entrepreneur. Digital Experts Academy Platinum The Digital Experts Academy Platinum is a three day master branding course, designed to mold you into a digital expert with a seamless web-facing presence. Digital …

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Digital Experts Academy Silver

The Digital Experts Academy Silver level will set your foundations for success in the new digital economy with a cutting edge e-learning program. Digital Experts Academy Silver Review From my experience, the biggest shift people need to make when they want to work online is the shift from employee to digital entrepreneur. Because of the …

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digital experts academy review

How To Join The Digital Experts Academy

How To Join Digital Experts Academy? Membership to Digital Experts Academy is strictly by application only. Find out how to join Digital Experts Academy, by application, via the following methods: How To Join Digital Experts Academy, Method 1 1. Join through The Six Figure Mentors by purchasing an application pack Stuart Ross founder of the …

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Income Stream

What Income Streams Are Available In The Digital Experts Academy And Six Figure Mentors Business? If you’ve been taking a look around this website then congratulations! You’re doing what I recommend and I thoroughly commend you for doing your due diligence. If you’ve just arrived then this where I talk about the different income streams …

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